International Women’s Day: Inspiring Female Founders



International Women’s Day: Inspiring Female Founders

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, we’re shouting out some of our favorite female bosses in the beauty game (including some words of empowerment from Scentbird’s own CEO and co-founder, below). Join the conversation and help us celebrate all women on Instagram @scentbird #IWD

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NEST: Laura Slatkin

The basics: Inspired by the work of an eighteenth-century artist beloved for botanical paintings, Laurent Slatkin founded NEST in 2008, launching a line of luxury candles, unveiling fine fragrance five years later. Slatkin is largely responsible for helping to usher in a new era of niche, artisanal perfumes.

In her own words:  “My collection of fine fragrances is based on the belief that mood matters and that one should always look to scent to help create different moods. Each of my perfumes has its own personality and each one creates a different mood: happy, seductive, sensual, exotic, romantic, fresh or… decadent,” Slatkin told Scentbird in 2017.

What we love: Start with Wisteria Blue (ethereal, romantic rose, jasmine) then try Cocoa Woods (chocolate, coffee, sandalwood) and Indigo (Moroccan tea and bergamot at midnight).

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WANDER BEAUTY: Divya Gugnani & Lindsay Ellingson

The basics: Serial entrepreneur and mom of two Divya Gugnani teamed up with jet-setting supermodel Lindsay Ellingson to create a line of multitasking beauty essentials that draw inspiration from both womens’ travels.

In their own words:[There’s] nothing worse than investing in skin care and undoing that work with your makeup. That’s why our must-haves are enriched with luxurious, skin loving ingredients that work with your skin, not against it.

What we love: Rose Gold Eye Masks and On-the-Glow Blush & Illuminator (Berry Whisper, Nude Glow)



The basics: Vegan and animal activist, Kat Von D,  pivoted away from traditional makeup to create a line of high-performance beauty products, totally free of animal-derived ingredients. Bold, unapologetic and totally original, Von D’s repertoire has quickly garnered a faithful following of creative beauty lovers.

In her own words:I take part in everything from product development, personally testing formulas, naming the shades, packaging design and artwork layout…When I commit to being a part of something, my ultimate goal is to have an intention behind everything.”

What we love: Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black – get it while it lasts, and Sinner fragrance (jasmine tinted with orange blossom).


SCENTBIRD: Mariya Nurislamova

The basics: When she started Scentbird in 2014, Mariya Nurislamova hoped to create a community where perfume-lovers could share and trade their top scents. Fast forward to 2019, and Scentbird has expanded in a variety ways to include 500 fragrances, a namesake label of bath & body products, as well as full-size makeup (with a whole new product offering to come on March 8).

In her own words:I started Scentbird to share my passion of all things fragrance and beauty with the world. My hope is to empower, encourage and advance women at all ages to follow their dreams and pursue what inspires them. This one’s for you: fragrance lovers, makeup aficionados and every-day superheroes. Happy International Women’s Day!

What we love: We’re a little bias (maybe?), but we’re all about changing up our monthly routines, alternating between 30-day supplies of fragrance, full-size makeup and restocking our shower with Scentbird’s own line of must-have essentials. Candles are an office fave, as well as the White Tea fragrance family, and all things Cucumber & Lotus (our go-to unisex pick).

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