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Hydrators vs Moisturizers: Which One Should You Choose?


Hydrators vs Moisturizers: Which One Should You Choose?

Fact: Iso skin is real, and one of its main concerns is dehydration. But, beware, dehydrated skin is NOT the same as dry skin. In fact, dull, thirsty skin is a condition that can affect all skin types. 

The telltale signs of dehydrated skin

Stress-baking and especially stress-diet that includes loads of refined sugar and caffeine can contribute to skin dehydration. The telltale signs include grayish complexion with increased prominence of fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, these signs are the main culprit why many of us self-diagnose with aging, dry skin and build an entire skincare regimen around this alleged skin type. Which is a big no, no. 

The battle of hydrators versus moisturizers

Dry skin lacks lipids, skin oils which prevent moisture from evaporating at a higher level, and without them your skin is dry, sensitive and unprotected. The main difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin is that dehydrated skin needs hydrators, while dry skin requires moisturizers. Okay, but aren’t those the same? To put it bluntly, nope!

Hydrators attract moisture from the air and infuse the skin cells with water to improve its ability to to absorb moisture and nutrients. Moisturizers trap water in the skin and prevent it from evaporating rapidly. Oily and combo skin types have super-active sebaceous glands that produce enough oil that keeps moisture inside, but lack hydrators that will allow moisture to penetrate deep in the skin levels and stay there. In this case, the skin attempts to rebalance its barrier by increasing the production of sebum, which leads to breakouts and facial shine. 

Humectants and emollients? Okay, now you’ve lost me…

Most popular hydrators, also known as humectants are the skincare MVP hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, glycerin, urea and amino acids. Emollients which go under the popular name of moisturizers are ceramides, argan oil, shea butter, Vitamin E enriched creams and balms.

Hydrators we love on Scentbird

ALPYN BEAUTY PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer

A skincare unicorn, this genius hydrator is loaded with both hyaluronic acid and ceramides to  fortify, maintain, and repair skin’s all-important moisture barrier.

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CANNUKA Harmonizing Face Cream

Made with a unique combination of CBD and Manuka Honey, plus Witch Hazel, Cucumber extract and Hyaluronic Acid—it helps balance oil production for clearer-looking skin that lasts.

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JOANNA VARGAS Daily Hydrating Cream

This refreshing serum effortlessly hydrates with hyaluronic acid, leaving skin refreshed and naturally glowing.

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Moisturizers we love on Scentbird


This pure + potent, multi-purpose organic serum for skin, lips and hair is great for sensitive, stressed, dry or aging skin and frizzy, damaged hair and irritated scalps.

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MAKE Marine Salve

A topical salve for the skin that soothes and calms chapped lips, dry skin, and prevents chafing.

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KOPARI Coconut Face Cream

Formulated with a smart emulsifier that allows the product to change consistencies depending on your specific skin needs, so it deeply hydrates dry spots but won’t clog pores in more oily ones, like your t-zone. Locks in moisture, soothes inflammation, and protects skin from environmental stressors.

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