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Hanging Out in Style with the Trendiest Colognes

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Hanging Out in Style with the Trendiest Colognes


Forget about sports, men’s favorite pastime is hanging out. During these casual activities, your ideal wingman is not your best friend, but your cologne. So, choose it wisely, or at least allow us to make a few suggestions:

Dylan Blue By Versace

  • Dylan Blue by Versace

Hanging out with the boys is never about impression but rather a venting out session, so if you’re on the hunt for casual yet hip scent, then look no further than the bottle labeled Dylan Blue by Versace. Versace revamped the traditional notes and masculine accords into scents that will mark the freshness of tomorrow.

With notes like fig leaves, ambrox, papyrus and organic patchouli on a winning combo of black pepper and musk, this fragrance is all you can ask for from a casual scent.


  • Black Bold by Kenneth Cole

Like the rarest and most precious night blooming flowers, Black Bold by Kenneth Cole shows all its splendor with each passing hour, reaching its apex in the small hours of the night.

Leather musks, ginger and incense mix is intoxicating and refreshing while safeguarding your style no matter how heated the atmosphere gets.

Homme By Vince Camuto

  • Homme by Vince Camuto

The allusion of the relaxed European nightlife is tangible in this Vince Camuto composition. Modern, fresh, intense with sensual depth, it is the olfactive overexpression of trendsetting style. In other words, this is what you wear when you want to show your pals you have style to spare.

Homme By Costume National


Spicy, hot and woody, it is the essence of manhood. A different vision of a manly fragrance, this cologne is versatile and flexible, making it the perfect pick for after hour social gatherings.

In the opening the citrusy mix is invigorating and vibrant, but as it matures on the skin the scented evolution transcends this freshness and graduates with honors in the class of cinnamon, thyme and sandalwood.

Fuel For Life Homme Edt By Diesel

  • Fuel For Life Homme EDT by Diesel

Blurring the thin line between the casual poet and the raging biker, this fragrance will be adored by every man (and lots of women also) who isn’t afraid of little sweetness in his scent. What it lacks in imagination it makes up for in finish.

While the fragrance is mostly linear, its juicy and just a bit tingly raspberry chilled in anise and lavender is a mood  and style booster.


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    I like diesel fuel for life cologne. This is one of my favorite cologne. It's a unique scent, after reading this article I would like to buy it again.

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