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A Little Bit Scary and a Little Bit Sweet: Who do You Want to Be on Halloween?



A Little Bit Scary and a Little Bit Sweet: Who do You Want to Be on Halloween?

Now that the holiday season is coming around again, it’s time to consider what holiday fragrances you might want for seasonal parties at work, Thanksgiving dinners, and something fun and wintery for when Christmas arrives.  But a scent for Halloween?  Maybe not so much.

Fat Electrician By Etat Libre DorangeBut even if you’re not into wearing costumes or dressing up, Halloween is the night when you can be anyone you want, and a fine perfume creates its own seduction and curiosity. And just like a great scary story reels you in with atmospherics and sudden surprises, so will a fantastic fragrance.  Coco Chanel famously said that perfume is the ultimate invisible accessory, after all.  And what haunted house is worth the price of admission without the ultimate invisible accessory of an actual ghost?

So you’re down with this Halloween Scent idea, right?  Now you have to find the right one. Lucky enough for you, cult indie fave fragrance house Etat Libre d’Orange has the perfect perfume for your inner Trick or Treater. It’s called Fat Electrician, and it’s equally as sweet as it is green and earthy – perfect for a romantic All Hallow’s Eve picnic in a spooky forest.

Fat Electrician is all about earthy, cool, vetiver and a delicious vanilla bean/caramel cream accord that somehow work together wonderfully. Throw in some heady myrrh and a little smooth and smoky opoponax, and you’ve found the best balance between yummy gourmand deliciousness and spooky spice.

Fat Electrician is an excellent choice to wear for Halloween-themed costume parties, or for keeping yourself in a festive mood taking the kids around to score their buckets of candy door-to-door on Halloween night.  And that caramel-vanilla theme running through it will definitely work some Halloween magic of its own should you find yourself in the company of someone new and intriguingly mysterious under the full moon.


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