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How Princess Grace’s Charitable Acts Inspired This Luxury Brand

Grace De Monaco

How Princess Grace’s Charitable Acts Inspired This Luxury Brand

Luxury for Good: Grace de Monaco

When Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III in 1956, she became Princess of Monaco, but she possessed a royal status long before the marriage took place. The original princess of hearts and queen of Hollywood was also a regal master of talent, grace, poise, and above all, generosity. 

I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds, and who was a kind and loving person.

Grace Kelly
Grace De Monaco

Everyone knew Grace Kelly for her timeless beauty and award-winning roles, but very few knew of her secret support of extraordinary emerging artists in theater, dance, and film through career-advancing and life-changing fundings.

She promoted women’s empowerment, child welfare, racial equity, but she preferred to keep her involvements discreet and private. After her tragic passing in 1982, Prince Rainier III of Monaco established Princess Grace Foundation-USA that honors Grace Kelly’s legacy by supporting various altruistic projects that were close to the princess’s heart. 

The launch of the luxury brand Grace de Monaco is an embodiment of everything Princess of Monaco stood for: Glamour, sustainability, humility, and philanthropy. 

“The world of Grace de Monaco defines exquisite elegance and craftsmanship while at the same time recognizing that each purchase is ensuring a young artist can take another step toward their creative dreams,” says Brisa Carleton, CEO of Princess Grace Foundation, USA.  “With 100% of the proceeds going back toward the Foundation’s charitable grants program, Grace de Monaco is a living tribute to modern Monaco’s culture of philanthropy, and is setting the standard of luxury for good.”

Honoring the legacy and timeless elegance of Princess Grace, the first fragrance from the brand is called Promenade Sur Le Rocher. Le Rocher de Monaco, or Rock of Monaco in French, was the Princess’s favorite place. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Royal Palace, Grace Kelly loved taking long walks in the gardens on the rocher. 

Grace De Monaco

An exclusive fragrance made with sustainably harvested and obtained ingredients, Promenade Sur Le Rocher beckons you in the footsteps of Grace Kelly as she enters the garden. Carried on the Mediterranean breeze, bergamot is bold and gracious, mingling with warm amber, woods, and musk. The heart of the scent is a white floral, a tribute to the wedding bouquet of Grace Kelly and the beloved jasmine and rose centifolia aromas. 

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