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Glam Up Your Fragrance Wardrobe with Rebecca Minkoff Eau de Parfum


Glam Up Your Fragrance Wardrobe with Rebecca Minkoff Eau de Parfum

This just in: the weather forecast for this season is hot, but this brand-new scent drop is even hotter. We’re delighted to announce the arrival of Rebecca Minkoff’s first ever foray in the fragrance world, aptly named Rebecca Minkoff Eau de Parfum. 

Mixing understated Cali vibes with bold, playful trends, the designer is known for creating style wins to amp up your look, and your confidence. So think of the scent as Rebecca Minkoff capsule collection, fragrance reboot 2.0. 

Rebecca Minkoff Eau De Parfum

Designed to highlight the magnetic aura of the wearer, it is a playful blend of bergamot, tobacco accord and patchouli essence, wrapped up in night-blooming jasmine petals. Like anything Rebecca Minkoff, the fragrance comes with a unique twist, in the form of a rare perfume ingredient – karmaflor. The flower of a sacred tree that grows only in India, karmaflor is worshiped by the natives and master perfumers for its distinctiveness and one-of-a-kind tropical fruity scent. 

Floral, zesty and spicy, this perfume is everything your fragrance wardrobe is missing. We love it, but don’t take our word for it. Add it to your queue and prepare to meet your new fave scent at your door. 

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