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Freshness Straight From The Bottle: 3 Aquatic Perfumes to Satisfy Your Thirst for Elegance, Sophistication and Sexiness

Aquatic Fragrances

Freshness Straight From The Bottle: 3 Aquatic Perfumes to Satisfy Your Thirst for Elegance, Sophistication and Sexiness

Baby it’s hot outside! This surely calls for a refreshment, straight from a perfume’s bottle.

But seriously though, what makes a great summer scent? One that makes you feel cool, fresh and comfortable – and kind of like you are sailing on a yacht. While you’re actually in the midst of scorching hot asphalt jungle.

We have these three fresh, aquatic scents on our “Summer Bottled” list:

Cheap & Chic Light Clouds by Moschino

Cheap Chic Light Clouds By MoschinoMoschino Cheap & Chic Light Clouds is light, flowery aquatic perfume, with an irresistible freshness. It gives you inspiration to dream and write plots that convey joy.

It’s the harbinger of spring, of awakening, of clear blue skies embellished with the just the right amount of clouds, to watch them become rabbits, hearts and lonesome white bears.

With  peach blossom, green leaves and cyclamen starting the show, you’ll feel giggly, giddy and gorgeous long before the much awaited happy hour. Lotus, jasmine, rose are there to continue that light, airy and elegant floral tradition, and ambrette, cedar and musk rounding up the composition in a warm, deep embrace. Worried because there are no aquatic notes listed in the fragrance composition? Green leaves, lotus and jasmine notes take on the task of keeping you cool. While looking totally hot!

French Clary Sage by Lisa Hoffman

French Clary SageSheer and softly sensual, uncomplicated scent dominated by notes of pure gentleness, French Clary Sage is that one perfectly weightless perfume that brings sensation of utter bliss.

From the first whiff of the enticingly multifaceted clary sage, it is evident that Lisa Hoffman announces an aromatic treat for all of the senses. Bergamot and clary sage are competing for your right to feel airy and fresh, and cotton flower is heaven. There are light aquatic notes and freesia, but they are singing sotto voce in the background, while you feel completely elegant and chic in an effortless way. The French way, to be precise.

L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake

L’eau D’issey By Issey Miyake ScentbirdIt is the perfume that tugs heavily on the zen ideology’s strings of being present in the moment and savoring life. Its freshness and exquisiteness is reminiscent of the prowess of Imperial Japanese Gardens.

It’s Japanese perfection meets futurism: a whisper of wood drenched in a dense, cloudy mist of citrus. It is like being trapped underneath a waterfall, yet you are thirsty for more, unable to control your thirst…

The definition of fresh aquatic perfume with a dab of sophistication. No unnecessary over-embellishment with complicated accords, just a sheer perfection.


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