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Fresh as a Daisy

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Fresh as a Daisy

Ever since Daisy, the Marc Jacob’s fragrance, hit the market, it has captivated the free spirit sophisticated woman.

Now with Daisy Dreams, Daisy Eau Fresh and Daisy Eau Sorbet, you can pick your favorite flower blend.

Each with a different scent, they all have that same minimalist chicness that originated with Daisy. Take your pick!



The one that started it all, this fresh scent has notes of violet, grapefruit and strawberry for a hippie chic feeling. With base notes of gardenia, vanilla and musk, it gives it that elegant sophistication missing in a lot of fresh scents. This is the perfect fragrance for the office or school… it will charm those around you.


Eau So Fresh:

This fragrance is for the girl who wishes the original scent was a bit fruitier. With litchi, pears, raspberries, and plums, it is blended with the original signature notes of violet, grapefruit and gardenia. This fruity floral sweet scent is perfect for spring walks and summer beach parties.


Eau So Fresh Sorbet: This fragrance will be a life saver when you are dealing with the summer heat whether it be in the city or in the country. Sorbet contains apple blossoms, lotus, and mandarin orange for a summer scent Daisy feel. The dry down contains the original scent’s violet with woody notes and musk for a memorable summer night shindig or concert.



Dream is the type of fragrance that will enchant anyone around you in any season, day or night. With one of the original Daisy’s signature grapefruit note, Daisy Dream is melded with sweet coconut, blackberry, litchi, pear, and blue wisteria for a whimsical romantic scent. Inspired by daisies and blue skies, this is an ideal date night perfume.

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