Free Online Spring Makeup Masterclass with Deck of Scarlet


Free Online Spring Makeup Masterclass with Deck of Scarlet

These days the entire Scentbird HQ is working from home, and we’re keeping in touch through group video chats. We’re still glamorous, and no, we’re not jumping the makeup filter bandwagon, because playing around with makeup is our favorite pastime. From learning new hacks to achieve that winged eyeliner to elevating our blending techniques to an art form, we’re using this social down time to work on our makeup techniques. 

Did you know that our sister brand, Deck of Scarlet collaborates with top YouTube makeup artists on all of the palettes? Now, you can check out all beauty tutorials in one place:

We like to think of it as our Free Online Spring Makeup Masterclass. But before you enroll and start unleashing your inner artist, we think you’d like to know all about our fave eyeshadow hacks we swear by:

Makeup Masterclass

#1 Blend Like A Boss

Neutral by day or daring by night, eyeshadow should add depth and dimension. Cover the lid with a soft hue, add medium-to-dark shades in the crease, a glimmer of something light & bright in the inner crease and finish with a paler pigment beneath the brow, blending as you go. 

Makeup Masterclass

#2 Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

You can look fab in daring shades, just like this one, called Groove, from Deck of Scarlet palette 12 Icy Edge, with a little practice. Add a dash in the crease or under eyes for just a peek of color to start, then increase as you get more comfortable with bold colors.

Makeup Masterclass

#3 Allow Your Makeup to Set

When it comes to creamy or liquid liners, it’s super important to let these products set before adding or adjusting to avoid smudging. Take a deep breath, chill and release for smooth statement eyes. 

Now go and celebrate creativity, self-expression and uniqueness with makeup. To see our entire makeup catalogue on click here:

To shop all Deck of Scarlet makeup palettes, click here:

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