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Floral Scented Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Floral Perfumes

Floral Scented Thanksgiving

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, the day filled with a heavy and healthy dose of gratitude, food, family and football!

Since it’s cold outside and nature takes its much deserved break, mixing floral perfumes with stuffed turkey odors is very often perceived as a fragrant mutiny.

However, for me, it is the best way to wake up and smell the roses, and actually teach me an important lesson on being thankful, especially during this time of the year.

For some crowds, floral perfumes should be put on obligatory winter sleep from November to March, but I find nothing more satisfying than being cocooned in my floral cloud when the grey sky outside threatens to dampen my clothes and my mood.

If you are tired from complementing the Thanksgiving spicy and woody scents and you are up for some olfactory rebellion, then you might consider wearing some of these garden evoking scents on the Thanksgiving table:


This light perfume sings, sighs and dances with floral notes bursting forth its mellow edges. A nice green fresh floral scent with a thoughtful fragrant construction: Linden blossom, bergamot, lily of the valley, and fern socialize in this floral wind-swept scent, a perfume which will not take over the scents of Thanksgiving, but provide you comfort and feel-good vibes.


When the initial romantic blast of white floral bouquet settles down, the perfume loses its girly virgin aura and takes an unexpected turn into sensuality with a heavy dose of neroli and musk. Love story is fresh with a bit of soapiness, which contrary to its meaning, feel a bit “dirty” on my skin.

Still, this dirty act is reserved for your senses only, because in its composition, Chloe has delivered a pretty inoffensive perfume.


The opulent, floral and very feminine heart brings a distinctive bouquet of super-essence of the Jasmine, whose sophistication is emphasized by orange blossom accord. Leaving a feeling of warmth to the skin, the scent reveals all its sensuality.

The white honey extract gives way to even more exclusive luxury of intoxicating and sensual notes of rose honey accord, with an entourage of cedar, patchouli and rose.

A touch of luxury and warmth, like a favorite cashmere sweater.

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