#flashbackfriday: Hermes

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#flashbackfriday: Hermes

Flashing back to the founding of Hermes, one of the biggest perfume staples

When Thierry Hermès moved to France in 1828, he decided to start his own business. Initially, it was a harness boutique, selling the highest quality harnesses made of the best leather. Symbolic of the seed that began the Hermes enterprise, their logo remains to be a carriage and horse, although they have expanded to clothing, handbags, and of course, perfume.

Although the dominant sectors of the company remain leather goods, followed by clothes, scarves, and ties, Hermes’s fragrances are also known for their luxurious and unique blends of notes in their signature lines. Ever since their first perfume release of Eau d’Hermes in 1951, the company has been a big player in the industry. The key to the ingenious of Hermes lies in the strong relationship between the head perfume designer and the company. Hermes has continually pushed the envelope in terms of their innovative blends, as Edmond Roundnitska in the mid-1900s to Jean-Claude Ellena in the present day have acted as artists rather than robots to develop some of the most renowned scents. Eau d’Hermes is a spicy, woody perfume, incorporating cinnamon, lavender, and cardamom, a particularly unorthodox layering of notes, especially when it was released, yet it is still one of the jewels of French perfume. The timelessness of Hermes leads us to believe that the company will always be at the forefront of fashion and beauty.

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