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Finally: This Famed Fragrance House Has Landed on Scentbird


Finally: This Famed Fragrance House Has Landed on Scentbird

We have welcomed many, many brands in our ever growing Scentbird family, but none has made this company’s copywriter scream with delight quite like the arrival of the unforgettable Robert Piguet.  

While Robert Piguet’s designer protégés read like a Who’s Who of haute couture, and include Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy, Marc Bohan, Pierre Balmain, and John Galanos, it was his fragrance legacy that has earned him a place among the legends. 

Identifying a gap in the perfumery world, Robert Piguet founded his eponymous fragrance label in 1942, launching a set of fragrances that take a sensual and carnal detour from classic feminine scents. Before the launch of his first fragrance, Bandit, the perfumes on the market were demure and mild, shy violets that never dared to allure or attract one’s attention. The fundamental animalic, aromatic leather accords were Piguet’s signature, as well as the initial spark that ushered a new age in perfumery dominated with scents meant to captivate, seduce, and empower. 

We’re beyond honored to include these three outstanding scents in our portfolio:


Fracas Once A Fracas Girl 1

The original ‘sex in a bottle’ fragrance, Fracas was the signature scent of the post-war French elite. Embodying the essence of a bygone era, Fracas is a mix of the glamorous lifestyle of Palace of Versailles, with a heavy dose of cabaret and Parisian sophistication like no other. Fracas is all about tuberose, the note known for its unabashed, raw seduction, and its placement against hypnotic blend of jasmine and gardenia. White flowers, rose, and orange build on the passion, with the whole concoction climaxing with the addition of sandalwood and musk. 

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Gardenia Visual 1

The radiant and addictive aroma of a gardenia in full bloom is reimagined with exotic ylang-ylang, sensuous vanilla, and black leather, wild and primed for taming, in that intimate skin-on-skin contact. Speaking of slow enticement, the scent also features cashmeran accord, which commands attraction that starts the moment you release the perfume nozzle. 

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Petit Fracas

Petit Fracas Visual Pink Bkgrd 1

Fracas’s younger sibling, Petit Fracas is an introduction to allure. Tuberose, gardenia, and jasmine still lead the show, but garners more of an R-rating thanks to fusion of pear, bergamot, and cacao, the mix that calls to mind debonaire joie de vivre, rather than unrestrained seduction. 

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