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February 2019 Perfume of the Month: Mugler Angel



February 2019 Perfume of the Month: Mugler Angel

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Mugler Angel is February’s Perfume of the Month at Scentbird, the perfect time to discover why this fragrance is an absolutely iconic, must-have for your collection.  Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and Angel is without question one of the most romantic, sensuous, and dramatic perfumes ever made.

Angel introduced an entirely new category of perfume when it was released in 1992:  the Oriental gourmand.  And even though the scented world now has hundreds of sweet and yummy Orientals to choose from, back in the day they didn’t exist.  Angel changed the game with its delicious, sexy kaleidoscope of sweet red berries, tropical fruit, bright bergamot, and delectable vanilla, chocolate & caramel.

And the best part?  Angel lasts FOREVER.  This fragrance unfolds slowly, magically transforming every few hours into completely new scent territory – making it a fascinating and fun wear all day and into the night.

Angel is one of those fragrances that has to be experienced at least once in your life – just like a major roller coaster, 5-star restaurant, or a lengthy European vacation.  No matter what you love to wear, Mugler Angel will satisfy every single one of your scent cravings and leave you with many, many more to discover.

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  1. Avatar Of Danna Mejias

    Danna Mejias

    These perfumes are wonderful! I enjoy them no matter where I go.

  • Avatar Of Lucas M. Hall

    Lucas M. Hall

    Mugler Angel is truly a wonderful perfume brand. Especially the women's colognes of the Mugler are very good. Your shared colognes are used by my wife, she said it was the good perfume for less money. I would like more of your posts on Mugler's perfume.

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