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Exclusive Interview with Fragrance Designer Lisa Hoffman

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Exclusive Interview with Fragrance Designer Lisa Hoffman

One of perfume’s instant pleasures is when a fantastic-smelling scent conjures up fond memories of family, travel, or precious life experiences. An intimate fragrance stores our memories in a uniquely sensual way, where only it is able to bring those important moments back to our attention.

Scentbird recently caught up with fragrance designer Lisa Hoffman, and we got the chance to ask her a few questions about her life in perfumery.  She crafts personal fragrances that wear like scented diaries from exotic locations, and her influences from a lifetime of travel show up vividly in her work.

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Plumeria is your “honeymoon scent.” That’s kind of a personal fragrance for you – do you have personal life experiences connected to all your fragrances that inspire their creation?

I do actually, my fragrances evoke memories of the places I’ve been or help transport me to places I’d like to be, whether it’s a literal interpretation – like the scent of orchids in Madagascar, or if it’s more emotional, like the feeling of utter serenity while in Kyoto, Japan.

How does plumeria compare to other floral scents, like gardenia, freesia, etc?

As an enduring symbol of Hawaii, the sweet, warm fragrance and vibrant colors of plumeria are reminiscent of a lush island getaway. Used in traditional leis welcoming visitors to the islands, plumeria has a fleeting, delicate scent. I’ve added plumeria to warm base notes of shaved coconut, lush green foliage, exotic orchids and a top note of salty ocean air to instantly bring you to the tranquil, sandy beaches of Hawaii.

What was your favorite moment on the Big Island, outside of being there on your honeymoon?

Being able to return throughout the years with my children as they grew up. It’s always been a very special place for my family and me.

How do different travel destinations influence you as a person and the perfumes you make?

At the moment, I’m really focusing on gaining fresh insights gathered from afar to inspire more innovation, both in my company and in the fragrance industry as a whole. A discovery experienced on the journey often reveals itself as the answer to a challenge, a philosophy I’m keeping as the heart of my leadership and company values.

What’s next for Lisa Hoffman’s perfume line?

We just launched our cutest perfume line, our 0.5 ounce Perfume Minis. And of course, we have a new fall/holiday fragrance jewelry collection launching later this year, with new fragrance beads for the season. So many ways to wear fragrance!

Scentbird is proud to offer five Lisa Hoffman perfumes in our catalog: French Clary Sage, Japanese Agarwood, Tuscan Fig, Tunisian Neroli, and her latest release, Hawaiian Plumeria
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