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Exclusive Interview with Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari Fragrance


Exclusive Interview with Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari’s fragrances is one of the most sophisticated lines we carry. The blends are complex, detailed, and filled with stylish personality and superior longevity. We caught up with Elie Tahari recently to talk with him about his inspirations, his life, and the future of Elie Tahari fragrances.

Elie Tahari

1. How does your vision and inspiration in fragrances align with your clothing designs?  Do your olfactory ideas come from a different place than your wardrobe designs?

My inspirations stem from my surroundings, especially from the streets of Manhattan, large format art, walkable European towns, clear oceans, etc. The vision for clothing and fragrance, as we see here, are similar as they both exude elegance and relatable sophistication.  

2. Fragrance is so much about memory, especially sensual memories – what are some of your most potent sense memories?

The addition of bergamot to the fragrance evokes wonderful memories of vacations that I used to take with my family. Wherever we’d go, I’d notice the richness of clean air, the fruitful aura of travel lingering… I spent many summers in my hometown where I would pick baby figs and would remember how sweet and delicate they tasted. It’s important to me to incorporate these ingredients into my first perfume to pay respect and admiration towards my past.  

Interactive Fragrance Bar
Interactive Fragrance Bar at the official launch party – showcasing the Elie Tahari fragrance notes.

3. What are your favorite smells, scents, or ingredients when forming the vision for a new perfume?

I love a floral, citrus scent, so maybe the next fragrance will incorporate some of those notes.  But then I’m also interested in something not quite as bright, something moodier, with a hint of oud or spice.   

4. Is there a difference between perfume style and sartorial style? What advice would you give someone on wearing scents well?

There is a difference.  When it comes to choosing and wearing your scent, make sure it’s a complimentary scent and not one that’s necessarily given to you, or ‘easy’.  It’s no overnight process to find the right one, but it’s all the more fun when you do, and can stay with you for years. It can also be fun to tailor your day and night fragrances to highlight the change of atmosphere.  I always prefer something slightly heavier in the evening.

5. What’s next for Elie Tahari – what can we expect from your line in the future?

I’m looking forward to expanding my fragrance line.  My next scent is going to be intimate, warmer, and a surprise, so I’m afraid I can’t share much more than that, but it will be wonderful, nonetheless.  

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