Everything You Need to Know About Teatoxing

Bikini Cleanse

Everything You Need to Know About Teatoxing

When news hit at Scentbird HQ that Bikini Cleanse and their teas would be joining the family, we were truly truly excited. Why?

Just imagine: sipping a tea that not only tastes great but also detoxifies, tackles bloating issues, boosts your energy levels and helps clear your skin.

No, it’s not some type of sorcery, it’s an all-natural mix of herbs and stimulants that work together to give you energy, release toxins and help you on your way to your healthiest self.

After testing each one of the three different teas that we currently have in our offer, we’re ready to profess our Bikini Cleanse teatox admiration. Scroll down to find out more about each one now, and to pick up a bag—or— all three for yourself.

Beauty Tea

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Want a natural full on radiance that does not include tanning beds, bronzing drops and luxe highlighters? This way please: Bikini Cleanse’s Beauty Tea harnesses the power of grass fed collagen fused with flower petals and tropical fruit to give you a literally lit-from-within glow. Loaded with antioxidants, the tea promotes skin elasticity, anti-aging and free radicals protection  for optimal skin, nails and hair health. 

Detox Tea


Sip and sleep your way to a slimmer waist! While you’re getting the much needed zzzz’s Bikini Detox Tea works overtime to help you flush away toxins, aid digestion, reduce bloating and enable more restful sleep patterns. Each bag contains senna leaf, chamomile, spearmint, rose hip and orange peel, all yielding strong anti-inflammatory properties that help with everything from water retention to cell regeneration.

Green Super Tea Blend

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Bikini Cleanse is relying on the powers of not one but three super herbs: Japanese green sencha leaf, yerba mate and stone-ground matcha green tea to boost your energy and mood, improve immunity, gut health and metabolism. The inflammation-balancing blend is also a gentle source of caffeine, so you can enjoy the energy kick sans the jitters and crash that coffee sometimes cause.

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