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Eau de Rose by Tadashi Shoji: Essence of Femininity

Fragrance By Tadashi Shoji

Eau de Rose by Tadashi Shoji: Essence of Femininity

Renowned designer Tadashi Shoji announces the launch of his first-ever fragrance, Eau de Rose.

With more than 30 years of experience in the luxury fashion industry, Shoji now ventures in the world of fragrance with a scent that merges contemporary sophistication with classical appeal.

This fragrance is an olfactive token of Shoji’s design philosophy: “In the thirty plus years that I have been designing, I’ve learned that all women regardless of shape, size, and culture all want the same thing – to feel beautiful and confident in their own being,” said Shoji.

Eau de Rose by Tadashi Shoji is created by drawing inspiration from the designer’s admiration for immaculate Japanese gardens burgeoning with roses, his favorite flower.

Eau de Rose is feminine, delicate and utterly sensual.

The fragrance opens with a bright citrusy kick where bergamot, lemon, mandarin, and grapefruit are interlaced with an attractive fruity accord.

The heart of the fragrance is mellow and feminine dominated by rose. It then meanders through a floral maze of jasmine, osmanthus, and Lily of the Valley, creating a delicate, lush sensation heightened by the whispering note of cedarwood.

The drydown is sensual, warm and bracing, thanks to the unique traits of oudh oil. This lustful depth is supported by luminous rose absolute and a hint of spices.

Eau de Rose is a fresh and uniquely contemporary perfume, versatile and stylish, the perfect olfactive match to the Tadashi Shoji woman.

Tadashi Shoji Fragrance

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Successfully creating a fine balance between modern and classical perfumery, Eau de Rose packs plenty of femininity and charm in a fragrance bottle. Captivating and fresh, with a dose of exotic mystery, this inaugural Tadashi Shoji fragrance is bound to make a lasting impression.

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