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DeoDoc: Your Guide to Intimate Skincare


DeoDoc: Your Guide to Intimate Skincare

On March 8th we celebrated women’s achievements all over the globe. Today, we’re proud to continue the female empowering theme by introducing the newest, women-run brand on Scentbird that is shaking up the intimate skincare universe: DeoDoc. 

With products that are pH balanced and 100% vegan, Sweden-based intimate skincare company DeoDoc represents the next generation of products that cater to all our feminine needs. In their own words, the DeoDoc Sisters – Dr. Hedieh Asadi and Hasti Asadi are determined to break taboos, clear away the confusion, and finally dispel the myths about intimate skincare.

Made by women doctors for women everywhere, here’s a sneak peek at DeoDoc’s offering, which you can add to your queue by clicking on this link:

Daily Intimate Wash

Each day you make and take the time to care for your face with a specifically chosen facial wash, so why not give your intimate parts the same care and treatment? And no, your regular shower gel or bar soap won’t do. The vulva has a specific pH value that mustn’t be disrupted, and DeoDoc’s pH-balanced, soap-free formula gently cleanses the intimate area, while maintaining a natural pH.

To add the Daily Intimate Wash to your queue, click on the link below:–jasmine-pear-1586

Intimate Cleansing Oil

Let’s be honest, it feels good to feel smooth down there, but it comes with a price. Designed specifically for sensitive, dry or irritated intimate skin, the cleansing oil works to cleanse ,soothe, moisturize and protect the skin. Thanks to a bundle of all-natural oils infused with Vitamin-E, the intimate oil leaves skin super soft, layering it with an all-day light protective film.

To add the Intimate Cleansing Oil to your queue, click on the link below:

DeoDoc Intimate Deospray

It isn’t just your armpits that have sweat glands! Made with odor-neutralizing in mind, we reach for this pH-balanced, gently coconut-scented intimate deodorant whenever we want to keep things smelling and feeling fresh throughout the day. 

To add the Intimate Deospray to your queue, click on the link below:–coconut-1582

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