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December Cologne of the Month: English Laundry London



December Cologne of the Month: English Laundry London

London is one of the world’s premiere places to visit – it’s rich with history, and always on the cutting edge of design, fashion, and music. And attempting to capture its beauty and majesty in a fragrance is no small task – but the trendy English Laundry line tells its story through their dark, juicy, and spicy fragrance, London.

LondonEnglish Laundry’s London is equal parts rambling mystery and buttoned-up society sophistication. It opens with a juicy, dark, and engaging trio of blackberries, sticky-sweet pineapple, and crisp red apple set against an austere, dry heart of aromatic juniper and patchouli. The juicy, bursting fruit notes at the top are an energizing introduction to modern London’s endless re-invention, while the aromatic heart references London’s the classic “tweed vest and umbrella” of London’s past. The dry down floats up underneath the warmth of the patchouli to settle you into the gentleman’s club luxury of silken jasmine and a subtly vanilla-infused musk, outlined with the velvet earthiness of oakmoss for a forest floor finish.

London’s dark fruit and stoic aromatic profile will work well in any setting, either as a compelling office scent or an engaging after-hours transitional fragrance. Fans of darker, juicier fare will love this one – a must for fig fragrance fans, or anyone needing a luscious, sweet, and spicy scent to warmly accent their daily rounds.


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