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Collection Spotlight: Comptoir Sud Pacifique – Jardins Pop

Collection Spotlight Comptoir Sud Pacifique – Jardins Pop


Collection Spotlight: Comptoir Sud Pacifique – Jardins Pop

Perfumes are the perfect accessory for far-flung travel or cozy staycations. If you are vacationing on the beach, touring Europe in five-star hotels, or taking a well-deserved extra day on the weekend to relax, the right scent can elevate the entire experience.

Few lines are better at heightening travel than Comptoir Sud Pacifique. Their perfumes are rich, lush, and provocative – exactly the kind of vibe you want when travelling abroad.

Jardins Pop is the new scent collection from Comptoir Sud Pacifique, and includes a trio of new fragrances (Immortel Cedrat, Cologne Mood, and Pomelo Fizz),and each one offers a unique style that makes this collection versatile and fun to try in different ways.

Scentbird is excited about sharing these new releases with our subscribers. Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s perfumes are created to be your olfactory tour guide to exotic locations, even if you’re just popping down to your favorite restaurant for Date Night.

Immortel Cédrat By Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Immortel Cédrat 

Bright bergamot shines like the sun over an aromatic heart of basil and rosemary. Cedar wood, seaweed and oak moss take you down to the shore to listen to the boats creak and shift in the tide. Immortal Cedrat is a day spent on the beach, underneath exhilarating citrus trees.

Pomelo Fizz By Comptoir Sud PacifiquePomelo Fizz               

Pomelo Fizz is the drowsy, golden scent of bright afternoon sun. Its caresses your senses in a relaxing aura of orange citrus, sweet orange blossom, driftwood-dry myrrh, and the warm skin scent of musk.

Cologne Mood By Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Cologne Mood

Cologne Mood is a spicy aromatic scent to wear while exploring the dunes down at the shore. Cedar and patchouli add nuances of soft, dry sand, while bergamot and rhubarb pop with an uplifting alertness and curious energy. Cologne Mood’s engaging and mysterious profile will suit any beachcomber’s wandering spirit.



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