Celebrating International Women’s Day With Bold Femme Fragrances

Happy International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day With Bold Femme Fragrances

Shout out to all the amazing WOMEN out there: may we celebrate and acknowledge them all the while wearing these bold femme fragrances.

Dia Woman By AmouageDia Woman by Amouage

Close your eyes and imagine you and your gals sitting in a cafe for one of your brunch gossip rounds.
Carefree, sassy and sexy.
This blend of aldehydes, peony, rose oil and musk teams up to create oh-so-bold character that’s meant to smell elegant and feminine and takes you there in an instant.

Carven Le Parfum By Carven Parfums On ScentbirdCarven Le Parfum by Carven

A perfume that packs wrapped in an elegant bow: sweet pea, mandarin blossom and hyacinth brim with confidence. But there’s sandalwood and patchouli, adding that soft and sensitive feel.
This is like a classic trench coat in perfume form, a go-anywhere fragrance that smells amazing as it is versatile.

Nest Dahlia VinesDahlia & Vines by NEST Fragrances

Soft floral fragrance for badass women? Yes, peony, narcissus, rose, musk & grapes might sound familiar, but, hear us out.
It’s utterly floral, like a bouquet and there’s the vine note, that’s a bit bitter but also fresh and green. Feminine yet mischievous under the surface: Think girl-next-door, who’s a rebel-at-heart and you’ll get the gist.

Bamboo By GucciBamboo by GUCCI

A force to be reckoned with: lilly, bergamot and orange blossom reflect a punch of confidence and femininity, epitomized by Gal Gadot, the face of the perfume. A superhero scent that takes charge.
Working a sweet white floral against bold bergamot, the scent is tempered by orange blossom, creating the perfect juxtaposition we just can’t get enough of.

Happy International Women’s Day! Head over to our Instagram page @scentbird for more fiercely feminine fragrances.


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