Celebrate National Coconut Cream Pie Day with Scentbird’s Coconut Mix


Celebrate National Coconut Cream Pie Day with Scentbird’s Coconut Mix

Obsessed with all things coconut? We know the feeling. While we’re not opposed to a big chunk of Coconut Cream Pie for today’s holiday, we’re celebrating by spraying these delectable coconut delights:

ARQUISTE Sydney Rock Pool

This one is for the salty sweet combo lovers—if summer, sunkissed skin and coconut are your rap, you’ll love it (and so will everyone). The decadent coconut, minerals and sandalwood trio is balanced by driftwood, sea salt and frangipani in the dry down, making Sydney Rock Pool enticing and not the least overwhelming. Oh, and it’s niche, so it’s definitely chic, in an understated kind of way.

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Spice up your fragrance wardrobe collection with this floral woody perfume. True Lust opens in a rush of rum, ginger and violet and deepens into a rich, spicy sweet scent thanks to the blend of leather, rice and sandalwood. 

Although a top note, coconut livens up the composition, giving it an exotic, sweet-like undertone that works harmoniously with violet and rum, creating a lingering, warm aroma on the skin.

Sensual and bold, True Lust is also long-lasting — expect it to go from dusk til dawn. 

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Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Bali’s deep-sea pearls, this heady floral bouquet gets mixed with coconut and lively spices for an exotic scent blend that you’ll wear again, and again and again…

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Evoking the times of endless, carefree summers, Vanille Coco takes the traditional vanille note and sets it on its head by making coconut its star note, while making vanille its kickass sidekick. 

There’s also plenty of whipped cream and banana in the mix, so the final result is sweet and irresistible, like a dessert dusted with exotic spices. 

It can be worn day to night and it’s the perfect choice when you don’t want to smell like everyone else in the office. 

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