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How to build a fragrance wardrobe?

Fragrance Wardrobe

How to build a fragrance wardrobe?

Just as you wear different outfits for different occasions, it’s only natural to create a fragrance wardrobe to match your mood, style, and schedule. Play it safe, experiment, take risks, plan for a special occasion – whatever you’re after, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our insider tips on how to build the ultimate fragrance wardrobe.



Play to whatever season you’re approaching.

For late fall or early winter, try a scent that’s bold and warm, with woody notes and sweet accords, just like: Sandalwood in Oak by Scents of Wood.

Sandalwood In Oak

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These are the scents every person should own. The fragrant equivalent of a timeless LBD, these scents have staying power and command attention, just like: Rosa Nobile by Acqua di Parma.

Rosa Nobile

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Step outside the box of heteronormative fragrance labels and discover these stunning, on-trend scents that smell incredible on everyone. Try Get A Room by Confessions Of A Rebel and see why everyone loves it.


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Go Niche:

Artisanal, unexpected, and unique, these fragrances will underline your fragrance know-how and smell great.Try Noire de Mai by Veronique Gabai for a one of a kind sensory experience.

Noire De Mai By Veronique Gabai

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Wild Card: add a scent you wouldn’t normally try. 

Try Scentbird’s filter to search scents by personality, occasion and scent type.
Mix the tags in this filter section to get the desired scents.

Want more best-selling fragrances and other scents perfect for building a fragrance wardrobe? Check out our entire catalog here:

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