What does your birth month reveal about you? Are you a natural born artist or you were born to overshadow anyone with your oratory skills, which you have aplenty? Are you strict or gentle? August-born peeps, scroll down to find out which personality traits distinguish you from the crowd, just like the fragrance you should wear:

  • People born in August have a very strong personality. Even the most determined people who oppose them may feel intimidated by their strength of character;
  • They were born to lead. They can very easily influence other people and directly oversee the realization of their common goals;
  • August-born people are known for their generosity and nobleness. They cannot live prosperous life without being aware of the needs of other people around them;
  • They are great visionaries and they are more dedicated to the future than to achieving immediate goals.

Olfactory match:  Vanira Moorea by Berdoues for her and  Dark Rum by (MALIN+GOETZ) for him

Vanira Moorea is strong, addictive and inviting scent imbued with exoticism and happiness.

Vanira Moorea is an orange and citrus-infused Tahitian vanilla gourmand fragrance that will definitely get you your share of intrigue. It’s sheer and self-confident, not sticky and rich. The texture and tone are both airy and light, with top, middle and base notes all pulsing together as one.

The petitgrain and Brazilian orange against the dark Tahitian vanilla will distract you like a playful Caribbean breeze, enticing and relaxing you in the same moment. If you want to add a new gourmand to your collection without fear that it’s too sweet to wear, this fragrance is exactly what you’re looking for.

With strong and aromatic rum as keynote, intoxication is the natural cause of events with everyone who tries this fabulous (MALIN+GOETZ) creation. Sinfully addictive, the sweet olfactive start of citrus and plum wanders off when the rich leather and rum combo enter the stage. Like a Godfather scene saturated with machismo, milk, amber and patchouli are responsible for the twist in this scented plot, wrapping up the fragrance in a soft, cuddly haze of well behaved scent.

Versatile and unexpected, Dark Rum is what every fragrance dreams of becoming once it leaves the bottle.

If you haven’t found your true self in the description above, maybe one of these personality traits will sound familiar:

  • People born in August do not change their beliefs, attitudes and goals overnight. They are very persistent in their efforts if they feel they are heading in the right direction. Their persistence ensures that they accomplish their dreams;
  • Fear is a completely foreign term for people born in August and no danger nor obstacle can stop them on their way to success;
  • Enthusiasm is their favorite ally against everyday boredom;
  • People who celebrate their birthday in August value their sovereignty more than anything else and vigorously oppose when someone or something tries to limit their freedom or violate their identity.

Olfactory match: Live Colorfully by Kate Spade for her and Mankind Hero by Kenneth Cole for him

Live Colorfully is a bright citrusy floral whose motto is “everything is better in color.” Top notes of mandarin orange, pink waterlily and star anise blend down to a tropical heart of gardenia, tiare flower and coconut water. Tahitian vanilla, sheer amber and radiant musks complete this spirited and delightful fragrance.

Mankind Hero is a masculine fougere oriental cologne with a sophistication to spare.

Created to cater to the needs of modern heroes, Mankind Hero balances freshness and sensuality, the prerequisite for effortless style. The gentlemen who seek to leave a lasting impression with their cologne as well as their deeds will find this fragrance a perfect match.

It opens with a familiar citrusy lemon fresh theme, one upped with the inclusion of fresh mountain air note. But it’s actually lavender and plum wood that helps the sensuality emanate forth.

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