August Birthdays: Personality Traits + Perfume Matches


August Birthdays: Personality Traits + Perfume Matches

Not into star signs? No problem, each month is dominated by different traits that link those born unto it.

August-born babies, scroll down to find out which personality traits distinguish you from the pack. Plus, we’ve rounded up the fragrances that will suit you best:

  • People born in August have very distinct  personalities, marked by strong a character.
  • August-born  were made to lead. They can easily influence other people and directly oversee the realization of their common goals;
  • Enthusiasm is their favorite tool against boredom;
  • They are great visionaries and more dedicated to the future than to achieving immediate goals.

Olfactory match: Vanira Moorea by Berdoues for her and Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce and Gabbana for him

Vanira Moorea By BerdouesVanira Moorea is an addictive and inviting scent imbued with exoticism.. The heart of the scent is vanilla, but this isn’t your typical sugary gourmand note. The orange gives Vanira Moorea a vibrant feel  and also mutes the sweetness.

Why you’ll love it: Born in  the scorching heat of late summer, you’ll enjoy scents that can complement your fiery side.

ScAn aromatic adventure, Light Blue Pour Homme stays on the green, sunny side of the citrus. The composition brings together glistening spices with fresh citrus, so it’s equal parts brisk and intriguing. The scent is finished off with the creamiest musk of oakmoss and incense.

Why you’ll love it: Because summer babies appreciate freshness.  Rebel against the unrelenting humidity, and inject citrus oils to feel refreshed and sophisticated.

Willows By Regime Des FleursBonus match: Willows by Regime des Fleurs

A scent that stands out without too much intensity, Willows is crisp, gorgeous and above all exceedingly sexy.

White pepper charges ahead, dancing  with intoxicating floral and warming tonka bean. This is a great wear-anywhere go-to for summer – and beyond.

Why you’ll love it: you love fragrance that can match your energy and exquisite taste.

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