Got a February Birthday? These Are the Fragrances You Should Wear

Perfumes For Those Born In February

Got a February Birthday? These Are the Fragrances You Should Wear

Born in the month of love? We’ve found three fragrances that work with your personality.

  • February-born people are lone wolves.They build close relationships with a select few, and prefer to spend time alone, questioning and observing.
  • Those born in February are always on the lookout for new ideas to put into practice. Always thinking outside the box, their need for originality often leads them to discover innovative concepts.
  • February born people do not like trends and prefer inventing their own style than become followers. Their interests, and the way they carry themselves, is entirely unique.
  • When you have friends who celebrate their birthdays in February, you can be sure they will tell the truth regardless of the situation and consequences.

Carven Parfums Carven L’Absolu

Carven Labsolu By Carven Parfums

Carven L’Absolu is a narcotic scent featuring some of the best notes in perfumery: Patchouli and white florals galore. The final result is indulgent but not cloying, and offers a refreshing new take on a firm fave scent pair in the fragrance category

Why you’ll love it: Ultra-romantic is another trait that characterizes those born in February, and Carven’s exotic little number with soft floral undertones is the perfect choice for one-on-one moments. 

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Nuit Dissey Edt By Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake Nuit D’Issey 

Spicy and woody, Nuit D’Issey settles on the skin with smooth subtlety. Woody notes combine with smoky incense and leather accords, for a truly distinctive cologne you’ll want to hold onto for years to come.

Why you’ll love it: You prefer unique colognes, and you’ll definitely be intrigued by the ebony tree note in this composition, which adds an absolutely addictive feel.

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Almost Single by Confessions Of A Rebel

Almost Single

With its interesting cocktail of spices, herbs, and florals, Almost Single is an energizing scent, brimming with confidence. The wow factor in this unisex composition is provided by the fusion of spices and iris, which smells warm and comforting.

Why you will love it: As a winter baby, you’re interested in bold fragrances, and this creation by Confessions of a Rebel with spicy accords, is an ideal pick for your fragrance wardrobe. 

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