Boost Your Mood and Keep it High with The Power of Scents

Power Of Scents

Boost Your Mood and Keep it High with The Power of Scents

Feeling like you’re in a rut? Give your day to day routine a much-needed revamp with a few smart fragrance options. From dabbing it on your wrists, enjoying the aroma in the shower or releasing the scent with the help of a candle, we have the scent cheat sheet for smelling and feeling good all day long.

Montale Intense CafeStart the Day on a Positive Note with Intense Cafe by MONTALE

You’re nice and cozy in your warm bed, then the alarm goes off—talk about a rude wake-up call. Yep, we’ve all been there. But before you opt for the snooze option or rush to make yourself a big cup of coffee, try this trick: Spritz a perfume with coffee notes. It will wake you up when nothing else works…

We’re loving Montale’s Intense Cafe with top coffee note blended with vanilla and rose accord. This is dreamy morning scent opens with a kick of freshly brewed coffee.

After the initial buzzy rush, Montale serves up a dose of rain-drenched rose. Coffee takes a backseat, while the rose is in the driver’s seat mixing with vanilla and white musk on the dry-down journey.

Yuzu Ginger By ScentbirdOvercome the After-Lunch Energy Dip with Yuzu & Ginger Hand Cream

Feeling drowsy after lunch? You’re not alone. The way to push through the 3pm-pause – without taking a much-needed siesta – is spritzing an citrusy burst of fragrance .

Our  Yuzu & Ginger fragrance family – including hand cream and body wash. The brightness of of yuzu fruit blended with an energizing snap of warm ginger lingers and sparkles with your skin chemistry.

Along to deeply nourishing your skin, the hand cream covers all the bases,  while the shower wash keeps your shower smelling spa-fresh all day long.

Earl Grey Blackberry CandleUnwind Time with Earl Grey & Blackberry Candle

After a hard day at work, trust scented candles to have that power of setting the relaxing mood in your home.

Scentbird’s hand-poured Earl Grey & Blackberry variety has that flavorful, aromatic blend, that evokes hot cup of tea on a rainy, Sunday morning. It smells like a delicious cup of earl grey infused with bergamot and lush blackberries.

Rose Prosecco By ScentbirdTreat Your Skin with Rose & Prosecco Airy Body Polish

If a hot shower is one of your favorite evening escapes, then our Rose & Prosecco Airy Body Polish will elevate your evening rituals to a whole new level.

Rose & Prosecco features an expectedly bright rose water extract with a dash of prosecco to create a bright bubbly fragrance. The wash contains Rose Water to help tone, condition and protect skin, as well as two natural scrubbing particles: Exfoliating Organic Red Rice Powder – which sloughs away dead skin cells – and Grape Seed Extract powder – which gently buffs – so the overall formula works its magic, nourishing skin and leaving it soft and supple, smelling like an English rose garden after a rainpour.

Do you have your very own fragrance cheat sheet? We’d love to hear all about it.

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