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August Most Coveted Grooming and Wellness Products on Scentbird


August Most Coveted Grooming and Wellness Products on Scentbird

Gents, we’re pretty sure that scrolling through our website for grooming ideas is always exciting, but there is an even better way to stay atop of our most popular items across all categories. Case in point: this read, where we hand-pick the best ones to smell, look and feel good. 

Hoja De Cuba 1

Smell Good with Hoja de Cuba by Berodues

A spicy and smoky fragrance that dries down to smooth tobacco and Haitian vetiver, Hoja de Cuba is perfect for those who love an exotic scent medley that transforms as its breathes on the skin. Ample dose of allspice injects drama in the composition, because there’s no room for boring colognes this season.

Ingrown Hair Treatment By Anthony

Look Good with the three new drops by Anthony: Ingrown Hair Treatment, Facial Scrub & Day Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Whether you’re a skincare guru or an absolute beginner, one thing’s for sure: you’ll love the latest no-fuss drops by Anthony. The Facial Scrub moisturizes, tones, and hydrates, while the Ingrown Hair Treatment gets rid of ingrown hair and soothes skin after shaving. Slather on the Day Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen before you walk out the door and you’re ready to face the day.

Vitalift Tart Cherry

Feel Good with Tart Cherry by Vitalfit

Whether you hit up the gym regularly or slept funny on the couch, you know that pain can be a real, well, pain. Enter VitalFit’s tart cherry capsules, which claim to alleviate pain and muscle soreness in about one to three hours. Forget hard-to-pronounce ingredients and flashy claims from influencers — VitalFit is all about natural, science-backed products that deliver real results.

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