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April Cologne of the Month: Valour by Robert Graham

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April Cologne of the Month: Valour by Robert Graham

Robert Graham’s blended essences are up-to-the-minute takes on classic masculine profiles in cologne.  These are fragrances with a fantastic vintage feel, with an intense vitality that comes through effortlessly and that’s matched to a confident and sophisticated approach.  Men who prefer their colognes to come with a bit of swagger and attitude will find a lot to admire in this collection.

And Valour is no exception – this evocative composition features a deep clary sage note wrapped around a wonderfully bitter coffee note as well as a bracing dry down of santos wood and amber.  All of the aromatic components in this cologne stand out individually and yet it’s the blend that carries the day and makes the strongest impression on the senses.

The sage and coffee notes marry quite well, with sage’s herbal qualities adding depth to the strong bitterness of the coffee note.  The addition of the santos wood in the base echoes the mystical qualities that are associated with sage and is an inspired contrast against the sweetness of the amber note.

For men who feel most comfortable wearing aromatic fragrances over bright citrus, Robert Graham’s Valour will become a welcome and versatile addition to any olfactory wardrobe.  This is a cologne that will add a sense of daring and sophistication to a standard T-shirt and jeans look, while also infusing a tailored suit profile with next-level panache.


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