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Acqua di Parma’s Newest Arrivals Have Arrived


Acqua di Parma’s Newest Arrivals Have Arrived

Acqua di Parma fragrances are a collection of unique ingredients blended to perfection, exceptionally crafted, and distinctive for the wearer. These covetable concoctions are the product of utmost craftsmanship, tradition, and more than a century-perfected savoir-faire that yields nothing but interesting and expressive scents.

Both the Scentbird HQ and the Scentbird community are a huge fan of the brand, so we know everyone will be excited by the news that this month, we are completing the entire Acqua di Parma collection with the addition of these newest arrivals: 

Colonia Intensa Eau de Cologne

Acqua Di Parma Newest Arrivals

A fragrance with a charismatic and self-assured outline, Colonia Intensa opens with the trademark citrus notes of Calabria bergamot and Sicilian lemon, unabashedly seducing the senses and everyone around you with its outright freshness. 

Piquant accents of myrtle and artemisia pique your interest, but when the base notes announce its presence, it’s pleasure in its purest form: suave leather, satin musk, soft benzoin, and sultry patchouli is the foursome you didn’t know you needed in your life. 

All freshness and heat, Colonia Intense is… intense, indeed. 

Try it now:

Colonia Futura Eau de Cologne

Acqua Di Parma Newest Arrivals

Masculine, crisp, and thought-provoking, Colonia Futura is a scent that celebrates the artistic and natural heritage of Italy by protecting the environment. Its ingredients are of 99% natural origin, meaning it’s closely connected with nature and fully respectful of the local crops and human resources employed to make it. 

Energizing top notes of various Italian citruses mark the opening, merging with aromatic heart, and a thrilling vetiver finish. Colonia Futura will appeal to anyone who wants a masterfully crafted cologne, with a touch of class, and a vision for the future. 

Try it now with Scentbird:

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