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A Warm Weather Treat: Soleil de Capri by Montale



A Warm Weather Treat: Soleil de Capri by Montale

Montale’s line of fragrances is not for the shy.  Their scent profile is loaded with deeply flavorful, enticing scents that make a dramatic, but tasteful impression on the skin.  The brand’s enthusiastic approach to perfume is instantly addictive, and also very memorable, especially if you’re drawn to spicy ouds and/or gourmand styles of scent. But occasionally they also release fantastic, citrusy scents ideal for summertime wear. Montale’s Soleil de Capri is all about fizzy grapefruit zest and white flowers, with the whole thing capped off with sheer clean musks in the base.

The opening has the uplifting grapefruit front and center, but also with a darker, green, and leafy kumquat accent happening as well.  This is an excellent combination to start the scent with, as the two notes complement each other well by rounding off each other’s intensity. Soleil de Capri’s slightly green and brightly citric appeal will instantly get your fullest attention. The heart eventually turns toward the floral end of the spectrum, with an ethereal blend of white flowers taking the edge of the buzzing citrus, while giving that soothing green leafy feel a plush sophistication. The dry down is a soft breeze of clean, sheer musks that anyone craving that fresh, warm skin scent will definitely enjoy. The musky fade-out is exactly what Soleil de Capri needs; it’s kind of a thick soft hotel robe to slide into once the florals and bright, bouncy grapefruit are done.

All in all, Soleil de Capri demonstrates that Montale’s love for deep, velvety tones and broad spices and intensely sweet gourmands doesn’t have to be their only approach.  Soleil de Capri is a fantastic warmer weather treat, with tons of uplifting citrus and relaxing floral/musky energy to recommend it  – perhaps to wear right before the beach or your favorite seaside bar after a day of sunbathing.



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