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A Note To Know: Oud


A Note To Know: Oud

Contrary to popular belief, rich oud scents are a wonderful addition to your summer rotation.

Typically found in complex fragrances, oud is derived from the agar tree, which produced an aromatic resin to protect itself in the wildness. Oud is then cultivated from the heart of this resin. Unsurprisingly, oud has a distinct woody aroma that’s rich, dark and intoxicating all at once.

Known as the ‘King of Incense’, agarwood has been prized for centuries by many cultures for its distinctly unique scent.

Despite being one of the most expensive of all natural raw ingredients, oud is found in many fragrances today.

So, join us in our adventure into the ouds where we will reveal a few of our favorites:

Montale Wood &Amp; SpicesWood & Spices by Montale

If you’re looking to experiment  with oud in small doses, try Montale’s Wood & Spices for a sensual fragrance that’s framed by a light, earthy green vetiver note as well as incense. The fragrance also features sandalwood, intertwined with oud to create a mysterious, lingering scent.

Midnight Oud By Juliette Has A GunMidnight Oud by Juliette Has A Gun

Midnight Oud is compelling fragrance that uses rich florals and spices to draw out oud’s natural oriental and complex characteristics.

A refreshing rose note opens into  the sensual heart notes, made up of patchouli, oud and cedarwood.

Midnight Oud, an homage to the witching hour, proves that playful and sophisticated need not be mutually exclusive.

Cuirs By Carner BarcelonaCuirs by Carner Barcelona

Cuirs is all luxury, pairing luxe agarwood with leather. Impossibly chic? Of course.

Sara Carner, founder of Carner Barcelona, told Scentbird how Cuirs was created:

CUIRS is a soft leathery perfume that evokes the antique artisanal leather ateliers.  My great grandfather started a leather business back in the 19th century. During my childhood I was surrounded by the smells of tanned leather and wood barrels, and these distinct aromas were the inspiration for my perfume CUIRS, a tribute to the world of Spanish Leather”.

Cuirs opens with spicy blend of  saffron and caraway. Sandalwood, patchouli, and violet fill in at the heart, while oud and leather add a touch of exoticism at the base.

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