A History Lesson: The Art of Perfume Making

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A History Lesson: The Art of Perfume Making

Perfume making is a science- chemistry, specifically. Balancing different notes to create the perfect impression is a complex process, which took years to master.

The beginning spark of perfume making started in Egyptian society, where scents acted as a status symbol. The wealthy wore the oily mixture on a daily basis, while common middle class members used perfume sparingly during religious ceremonies. In the photo below, upper class Egyptians are wearing “perfume balm cones” on their heads. Egyptian-Perfume-Cone

Archeologists established the next major development in perfumery on the island of Cyprus. They found the first evidence (in picture below) of an industrialized perfume making operation that was approximately 4,000 square meters._40944761_Site203The prominence of perfume in ancient times can be attributed to the religious connections of perfume. In India, certain perfume potions were part of religious texts as a way to gain boons. The Bible played a major role in Cyprus and detailed a holy concoction consisting of cinnamon and cane to be worn by priests.

Nowadays, advances in perfume are made on the West, although the origin of scent making is in Asia. This is because of the Muslim movement to Europe. Elizabeth of Hungary, depicted below, is credited with ordering the first modern perfume, known as Hungary Water, to be created. In the 14th century, Hungarian travelers presented the first modern perfume to England, where the concept flourished and today, continues to be a part of current fashion trends.Simone_Martini_046

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