A Fragrant Poem to Florals: kate spade new york in full bloom2 min read

08/27/2018 < 1 min read
Steve Johnson


A Fragrant Poem to Florals: kate spade new york in full bloom2 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

kate spade new york’s newest release, entitled in full bloom, unfurls with sparkling Italian lemon, exotic green tea, and an accord of lush greens, which all tumble together in a harmonious earthy citrus blend.

The tea note is especially clever, as it naturally sets the stage for the gorgeously full, floral heart of Centifolia roses, peonies, and limpid lotus flower. As the tea note fades, the varied floral bouquet turns this fragrance from a refreshingly dry, green opening into a hopeful, indulgent, and carefree perfume.

The dry down of blonde woods, peach skin, and cedar only amplify the trusting simplicity of the heart’s floral embrace. Each note is lightly sketched, with a very relaxed, and soothing texture that highlights the plush, silky-sweet petals bursting from its joyous center.

In full bloom is a fragrance to wear not only now, but years from now, to celebrate a love that gracefully, naturally carries you along with it.


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