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4 Scents to Beat the Monday Blues

Fuck Mondays Com

4 Scents to Beat the Monday Blues

This is how you conquer the dreadful Monday blues with a scented spray of sunshine:

  1. Read this fragrance edit.
  2. Fall in love with each and every scent on the list.
  3. Smile throughout the entire day, because that’s what love does to you. 


Confessions Of A Rebel Fck Mondays

In the universal language of fragrance, CONFESSIONS OF A REBEL’s F*ck Mondays translates our exact sentiments on Mondays in a single juice that packs an exciting punch. 

Top citrusy notes are the bearers of freshness and lightness, the exact opposite of the first day of the week. The ripeness of apple and peach skin are determined to overtake the freshness and replace it with a pure fragrant energy, which then settles into a nice, comfy vibe, supported by the inclusion of suede and musk in the base of the cologne.

The fragrance’s unique mixture creates an invigorating chemistry that clearly states you mean business, even if it’s only Monday. 

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BENTLEY Bentley for Men Azure

Bentley For Men Azure By Bentley

Heavyweight in charm – light on skin, Bentley for Men Azure introduces a fruity pineapple top note to heap on surprises right from the start. 

As the fragrance settles down, you smell the vigorous heart notes of paprika: a subtle earthiness warmed with tea and clary sage, sweetened with a dash of lavender. Designed to sketch an impression, the dry-down is non-intrusive and versatile, with cashmere and tonka bean putting the finishing touches to your new favorite summer cologne. 

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JUICY COUTURE Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal

Juicy Couture Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal

Can we interest you in a fruity, flirty pick-me-up scent? Thought so… Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal is one of the very few perfumes out there that can make Monday a little more bearable. 

Opening on the skin with candied apple, pear and pomelo, and continuing on the addictive theme with sweet nuances of vanilla and marshmallow interlaced with jasmine and gardenia, Hollywood Royal gives off a pampering vibe and a reassurance that Monday morning is just an illusion.

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ATELIER BLOEM Extraordinary Tulip

Extraordinary Tulip By Atelier Bloem

Perk up even the dreariest day with a whiff of the Bloemenmarkt scented delights, aka Amsterdam’s floating flower market. Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, the duo known for their olfactive wizardry at (MALIN+GOETZ)  set out to create a fragrant edition that opens a new window to the eclectic Dutch theme. 

Only this time, under a new name, Atelier Bloem. Extraordinary Tulip takes you on a bicycle ride through the dewy Dutch capital, with crisp ivy, freesia, violet and tulips straight from the market, drying down to a heart of blond woods and black amber.

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