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Acqua di Parma reviews
Love it
A warm sweet scent
Balance of Delicate Strong
Smells like pine and citrus, which I love! Makes me think of a good balance of masculine and feminine notes, making it accessible to people who like unisex fragrances, or feminine people who don't like the fruity sweet ones.
Loved it, but
Loved it but is doesn’t last long.
Overwhelming Scent
I was expecting to be blown away the way i usually am with Acqua di Parma scents, but this is more reminiscent of something your grandma would wear. It's very strong, and the unpleasant smell lingers hours after I sprayed it. Needless to say, I wouldn't reorder
It’s clean and fresh, in a noble way.
Nice powdery scent lasts all day
Aqua do Parma
It was not strong at all. Almost done the bottle. Smells cheap. Very disappointed.
Very impressed
This was the first time I received anything from scentbird, so I was a bit skeptical on whether this would be worth it or not. I was nothing less than impressed with this product! It smells like a business man taking a proper night out for a Bourbon on the rocks, and a fine cigar.
A little disappointing
Was so excited to get my first Scentbird in the mail! But was disappointed to find that the scent didn’t last very long. I could barely still smell it when I got into work in the morning. Not the experience I usually have with luxury scents.
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