Great Selection of Top Woody Colognes

Woody colognes

Woody colognes are the top of the scent chain when it comes to sophisticated masculinity in fragrance. Wood notes in a scent can create an aura of a confident and rugged outdoorsman, or a well-traveled jetsetter.

Another versatile quality woody scents have is the range of scents you can play with in this fragrance family. Woody fragrances offer everything from creamy, exotic sandalwood to cool, refreshing cypress and bright, dry cedar.

If you’re just getting started with woody colognes, here are a few of our top releases to get you started exploring the many possibilities this style can offer your scent wardrobe:

Rag & bone – Cypress:

Cypress is a woody scent that highlights the dry, green side of the woody spectrum. Cypress starts off with a duo of refreshing green cypress and tart grapefruit zest. Cedar wood in the heart adds a bright layer of complexity to this cool, sophisticated fragrance. A must for the man who loves the outdoors.

Carner Barcelona – Tardes:

Cedar is a main note in this subtly floral cologne. Notes of rich, dark plum and elegant rose highlight the dry, crisp appeal of cedarwood. The luxurious, smooth texture of rosewood adds depth and a lush feel to the tart cedar. Tardes is filled with a downtempo elegance and features the brightness of cedar well.

Room 1015 – Electric Wood:

Electric Wood takes woody colognes into a whole new realm of intensity with its sheer, arid attack. Musk and scorched cedar wood tell a story of fried amplifiers and perspiration in a cologne that wears like a raging guitar solo. If you want a no holds barred woody scent that goes all the way to 11, Electric Wood will blow your mind live.

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