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Vince Camuto reviews
Green / Grassy
A very fresh, green, almost a grass-like smell to it. Not overpowering at all. Overall it’s a decent scent, just not one that I care for.
Seductive notes
This scent was woodsy with a little sweetness, and very big on the seductive notes. It was a lovely scent, but just not for me.
Very pleasant
Fresh and clean. I would order again.
Very nice smell that lasts all day!
This is a very nice smell that isn’t to overpowering. It lasts all day and I got a lot of compliments!
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I love it
I'm absolutely in love with this perfume. It just makes me feel good, and that's no easy task.
It smells like Jasmine some. I love this one!!!❤️
Not quite what I expected
It’s not bad, it’s just not what I was expecting. Most definitely floral and I 100% pick up the spiciness of the pink pepper. My scent profile is Oriental Gourmand and I do not agree that Floreale belongs in that fragrance family. Love the Vince Camino fragrances. This particular one is just not a fav for me.
A little goes a long way
They smell was great a little string so a little goes a long way. I love it though so I will be getting another from this brand I would like the whole collection
Didn’t like it
This is the first cologne in my subscription that I don’t like. To my surprise it’s small but nothing like the description and it has some kind of strange sent that just doesn’t go away. It made me feel like I smelled like old people.

Vince Camuto Perfumes

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