Find Your Exceptional Versace Perfume for Men

Versace reviews
It was ok!
I really like the scent, but it didnt last all day like id hoped.
Great scent
The scent is nice and smooth
To much of a floral smell for me not my jam
The smell isn’t my cup of tee I’m not saying it is horrible I just do not like the light floral smell I’m more a fresh smell sultry kinda girl
Got this scent for my husband. He loves it. Not overpowering and lasts a long time
Light cologne
This is a good scent that isn’t overpowering at all. It’s lighter than other scents.
Love it
The scent was perfect and not too strong
Great smell
Fresh and light
Love this!
Light but lasting!
Love this
Very clean fruity smell. I smell grapefruit the most in a subtle way. Really beautiful scent

Versace Perfumes for men

Perfume….for men? Guys, what a fragrance is called isn’t important. It’s how many compliments and how much attention you get wearing it. The days when people cared about whether a certain scent was a “perfume” vs. “cologne” are over. What’s best for men in 2018 is different than what defined a man 50 years ago, and it’s time to discover the latest men’s fragrances to see how they can boost your personal style signal.

Versace perfumes are steeped in classic tradition, but add modern twists and a new, original voice to the “pour homme” perfume arena. Exotic citrus, deep aromatic spices, paired with polished and sensual woods create olfactory compositions that are without equal in designer fragrances. offers Versace perfume at a very friendly, entry-level price of $14.95 for a 30-day supply of any Versace perfume or cologne you’ve heard about. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a full bottle just to try a new style? Instead, with a subscription, you can switch up your scent profile at any time without hassles or regret. And you’ll soon have a world-beating collection of the newest, most popular, and luxurious designer fragrances - because nothing smells better than confidence in what you wear every day.

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