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Valentino reviews
Smells nice, not my favorite
It is a little too citrus and cedar, I was hoping the leather and patchouli would come through more
This has to be the best fragrance I’ve had in the last three years and I love everything about it.
not at all what I expected
smells like Calvin Klein obsession but really strong and gave my girlfriend an immediate headache. I would not suggest this to anyone
I opened my first package and was impressed with the quality and the neatness of the package super happy with the smell too, sweet but subtle very calming and refreshing
Smelled like many different veggie/ fruits but actually worked extremely well. Check this out for a lighter airy summer or active cologne. I liked it.
Definitely smells great & i feel it smells lasts all night.
I love it
Has a masculine smell to it but still soft similar to baby powder undertones. I absolutely love it.
Smells absolutely amazing. I used this one the most of all the colognes I received. Classy clean smell
Smells great and long lasting
Valentino Uomo Aqua
It was a fragrance I recently sampled at the Mall, so I already knew what to expect. This is a crowd pleaser, a quick easy pick when you want to smell fresh, clean, and confident. This Valentino Uomo Aqua is a clean, aquatic fresh scent.
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