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Ulrich Lang reviews
Scent was a little too flowery for my liking. I almost feel like I’m wearing perfume, which doesn’t exactly exude masculinity ;)
I really enjoyed this one
Never tried before but, I think it’s going to compliment some of my fall outfits well.
It’s complex more than I thought
At first, there’s some freshness to it coming from the green leaves. I can’t really tell much about Sicilian lemon and bergamot being top note, cause I think it totally skips top note, though green leaves is pretty clear. Iris scent is quite strong at first, though osmanthus is constant from beginning to end. Cedarwood only show up an hour later. It feels warmth and elegance, but not sweet at all. It’s light, unless you being really close, you won’t smell it. It seems to smell the best after an hour, like it becomes a part of your skin.
Green and verdant
Like forest bathing in an ideal spring. The ambiance of living eucalyptus from tea and iris neutralized is quite evocative to me.
Not pleasant
Honestly, one of the worst scents I have tried.
I wold recommand
I really love it . It is the perfect mix between floral scent and green scent . It is a fresh scent , not too strong.
Love Apsu!
If you like green scents, Apsu is for you. Pleasant and long lasting, it’s like being surrounded by fresh dew-covered vegetation. One of my Top Ten.
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