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Tory Burch reviews
Love love love this scent
I already knew what this scent smelled like and was very excited to get it. I wear it everyday.
just ok.
its ok
It smelled alright, wasnt in love with it, wasnt very strong.
Not for me
Is not bad but gave me a headache
Too Weak
Smells great, but it’s a super light scent that didn’t even last a few minutes on me.
One of my go-to scents
This is one of my go-to scents from early fall to early spring. My first few times wearing it I found it to be overpowering, but it calmed into a light scent. I certainly wouldn't call it too floral, but I would call it clean and fresh. My preference tends to be clean and fresh scents.
Gree on me
At first, I thought the scent was a bit too floral. However, after a couple of wears, it has definitely grown on me. The scent is long lasting, but not overpowering.
Great perfume, bad shipping
I love this Tory Burch perfume and it has been my go to for years so I know what it smells like. I was disappointed when I opened the package and the vial was completely empty! It looks like it wasn't closed properly and had leaked in transit.
Great floral
Love this one, bought a big bottle of it afterward.
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