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Tommy Bahama reviews
Good First Scent
liked it more than I expected to
Perfect for my ocean vacation
went to Cocoa Beach and this was my theme smell for the trip. Lots of compliments!
Love it!
I got it for my husband to try and I love it! Smells very masculine and sexy! Would buy again.
Nice and clean
Clean and refreshing but fades fast
Similar to Abercrombie Fierce
A much sexier, more mature smell than Fierce. My boyfriend loved it!!
Instant favorite!
Get this!!!!
Nice scent
It’s a nice scent. It just doesn’t last very long in my opinion. I can do 2 solid sprays in the morning and by 10a.m. There’s not much of a scent left.
Loved the scent people complemented me all around
not for me
just didn't care for the sent
Fire is all I gotta say🔥🔥🔥
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