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Met my expectations !!!
I like all of the Tocca fragrances.
Tocca Gia
A great light choice - a bit too citrusy for my taste, but smells sweet and floral with a nice playful bite from the pink pepper. Probably wouldn’t buy for myself but would recommend to a friend.
I like all Toccas!
Really great scent. All of their perfume smells good. Very modern, stays on clothes, I could even smell it on my scrubs after they have been in the laundry for a week!
Smelled like an old lady
Didn’t like at all.
Never heard of this perfume before. Very elegant and sophisticated
Too powdery or floral for my taste
Nothing wrong with it, I just like a more warm/gourmand scent
to tocca Stella is one of my faves and this is the wannabe cousin. not quite, but not as pleasant
Perfect smell
I love this smell
soft and powdery.
On me it was a light powdery scent with some depth of amber. When I first put it on a little fresh/citrus. I really like it but the top citrus notes that I love didn't last as long as I would like. Still a very nice scent!
Amazing perfume
I cant describe the scent too much, but it does remind me of a watery floral. It smells amazing and lasts a long time. It’s very distinct in its smell in the best way possible
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