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Thirdman reviews
My Favorite Scent
Amazing scent- in fact my favorite affordable one.
Smells great. Love this perfume.
This has a great long-lasting scent.
Unisex Unique Sweet and earthy
Love the scent
I loved this scent so much that I've been looking for a larger size
Whispers in the Library
To me, this smells like Maison Margiela's Replica Whispers in the Library. It smells like rum and something else. I do smell the lime a little. It smells a little masculine, but not too much. I'll wear it once and see how it goes.
Perfect citrus
This may be my favorite citrus fragrance. I hate when they're almost stingingly bright, but this one manages to be truly citrusy while being both well-rounded and long-lasting. Bergamot is the strongest citrus note I get, but I especially appreciate the bitterness added by grapefruit, bitter orange, and neroli notes. I think that bitterness makes it stand out from a lot of other citrus fragrances, as does its seductive woody base. There's nothing cutting-edge about it, but it feels like a feat of delicate craftsmanship. A perfect fragrance for a warm day in the park, or whenever you want the feeling of a warm park day.
Not my favorite, but nice.
Not as long lasting
The scent was nice but I wish it lasted longer
Fresh and zesty
Whenever I can't make up my mind on a hot, sunny day, this is part of my grab and go selection and I enjoy it! It is on the stronger side and lasts longer. There is a mild sweetness and earthy tone mixed into the zest and that makes it more refined. Not the same, but kind of reminds me of Carner Costarela's Barcellona scent and that one is a favorite.
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