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The Harmonist reviews
Smells like a hot bag of anus
Does not seem to be unisex, smells like women’s perfume!!
I know it’s unisex however it should be labeled as a women’s perfume. I have smelled other unisex scents and they smelled unisex, they were scents that I can smell a man or women wearing. This smells like a women’s perfume. There was no unisex to it at all. It smells like a women. I cannot imagine any man wearing this at all. I’m not into wearing women’s perfume and that’s exactly how this smells!!
Beautiful scent
I love the smell of this one! Wish it lasted longer though. Would definitely recommend
Long lasting and pleasant.
This literally lasted me over 16 hours. I love it and plan to buy a full bottle immediately.
Great Scent, Long Wear
Have gotten many comments on this scent, and lasts me quite a while without sweating it off.
Spooky Scent
Deep captivating alluring perfect for October
A little feminine
Has a very pleasant long lasting scent but it’s a little on the feminine side in my opinion.
An enigma
This one's hard to describe! It definitely has a far East sort of vibe. It's not really sweet nor tangy. It's not my favorite, but not necessarily offensive either.
didnt like it
Signature Scent?
I really loved this one. I use it whenever I’m going out somewhere in the evening
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