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The Harmonist reviews
Not a Fan
It reminds me of those canned car fresheners. I'm sort of glad I don't like it, because a bottle would be super expensive.
Smelled like bad vetiver
I like vetiver, here’s the thing: vetiver isn’t supposed to be in here, and this smells like vetiver if it went bad. Lavender? Where you at?
Kinda strong
Smell lasted long time
Love all the fragrance that you send
Very nice
lovely rose
A very appealing rose-heavy scent. A little sweet in the top notes which wears off in dry down. Then pretty much a pure rose with just a hint of earthiness. Not truly metallic at all, but not particularly warm. Good longevity of 6-7 hours on skin, much more on clothes. Very wearable yet refined.
My favorite so far
This fragrance is without question the best I've tried. The subtlety, semisweet, clean, sage and sandalwood are perfectly aligned with my preferences. It reminds of camping, it's the polar opposite of the kind of douche profile I stay away from, and it's nostalgic.
The Harmonist
The scent and longevity are fire!! I get compliments everywhere I go.
Very happy
Not too strong but stayed all day. Soft smell
Aromatic & Soapy
Overall, its a bit too soapy for me to love it, but it's very enjoyable none the less. It is very unisex -- but rather than embracing neither pole, it is a true combination of masculine and feminine. There are moments with a sharp aromatic edge that lean masculine, but its also very "pretty" especially in the middle and dry down. Easily wearable by any gender. The emotion I get is very uplifting, aromatic and expansive. Its highly reminiscent of a desert herb garden... turned into a desert herb garden inspired soap. :) The spray is a bit harsh, but dissipates almost immediately. I'm then transported to a dry herb garden -- coriander, sage and other woody herbs. After about 10 minutes, the lavender shows up and over the next 30 minutes becomes more and more herb soapy. Very expensive, artisan soap. :) I personally did not sense the middle notes — minimal to no tobacco, no cypress or petigrain and only a whisper of saffron. The dry down remains aromatic, but softens. Lasts 6-8 hours on my skin and longer on fabric. -- If you like expensive soaps & woody herb gardens, you will love this perfume!
Just Ok...
I wanted to give this one a go because I like all of the notes, but the powder aspect is just a bit too much. On me, it dries down to a soft baby doll powdery smell, almost plastic-y...not good.
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