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Love this fiery seductive scent
Very impressive scent! I love it’s spicy warm seductive aroma it works so well with my chemistry. Definitely one of my new favorites!
I really love this one, even after dry down I cannot stop smelling my wrist.
wait for it!
Right after I first sprayed it on, I thought this perfume would be too strong and also thought the main fragrance notes did not fit the description. But after about a minute, the sharpness fades and leaves you with the fragrance notes EXACTLY as described! The tobacco and sage notes are softened by the lavender and overall, a lovely combination!
fantastic smelling perfume!🤩
this perfume was absolutely amazing to the point that i immediately looked into where & how to purchase a full bottle of it & that's when I was shocked to find it selling for almost $400 CAD for a 50ml bottle. It smells amazing, expensive & is pretty long lasting. it's appropriate for an evening occasion or luxurious date night! 💕
Love it
This smells so good
Pleasant floral
Unique and pleasant floral. A tad seductive too
Pleasantly different
It was even better than the discrimination.Reminded me of Poison only softer.
Metal flower
I just LOVE this one! I wasn't too sure at first, but the longer I had it on, the better it seemed to get! It is kinda smoky and spicy I think, but also floral and feminine. I love it SO much I just may purchase this!
Love it!
The vanilla really leads this one. Its a warm, soft aroma which reminds me of fall baking and spiced candles.
Delighted this picky sniffer!
Hypnotizing Fire is an apt name for this fragrance. Wearing this scent made me feel warm and relaxed. Although I felt like the scent dissipated quicker than I would have liked, it apparently did not for others. I suppose I just have fragrance fatigue. The longer you are around a scent, the less you tend to notice it. I traveled to FL, this weekend, honored to be godmother to my niece. I received several compliments on my perfume. My mother even said that when she came home, she still could smell my perfume on her! The night before I flew home, I even sprayed some all over my skin, so I could drift off to sleep, enjoying the scent. It has been a long time since I liked a new (for me) fragrance this much. I am definitely glad that I tried this one!
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