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The harmonist
I do not like this one, I’ll see if I can gift it too someone. Because the smells are too strong and too me it doesn’t smell good at all.
Spicy and sexy
Very dark/deep scent with a lot of spice and floral notes. I The spice is in the front and it evolves as it sits on the skin, that's when the floral notes stand out more.
This is quality juice. You can tell it's expensive. It's creamy and warm. Sumptuous vanilla with a touch of rose and a slight hint of smoke. Truly unisex and just lovely.
Made me sneeze
Not a fan.
the harmonist
this is a nice fresh scent that isn’t overpowering. i mostly get notes of green, bergamot, and what i’m assuming is mimosa or osmanthus? definitely unisex
Clean and Cool
This has a very clean, long lasting fragrance. It was slightly more masculine than I was expecting, but still a very wearable scent. I would not pay this kind of full price for it, however.
Weird chemical smell
Smelled very chemically floral, shoet lasting scent
Not a Fan
It reminds me of those canned car fresheners. I'm sort of glad I don't like it, because a bottle would be super expensive.
Smelled like bad vetiver
I like vetiver, here’s the thing: vetiver isn’t supposed to be in here, and this smells like vetiver if it went bad. Lavender? Where you at?
Kinda strong
Smell lasted long time
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