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nice date night smell
kind of musky but is masculine and definitely not a casual scent
A Perfect Autumn Fragrance
Warm and spicy woods with a twinge of vanilla-y goodness. Strong but mellow. The spiciness fades on me to a rich wood scent--not pimento, but a real campfire with the lingering hint of roasted marshmallows in the background. Easily my favorite of this month's selection.
Liked the smell
Nice fragrance. Not too strong
I would wear this for date nights
This scent evokes a sultry and romantic feeling for me. It’s musky and feminine and I will really enjoy wearing this in date nights.
All in one
I like it
I just got it spread it a couple times to see what it smelled like. But I like the smell of it idk how to describe the smell but it smells good
Hot Fire!
Dylan would approve! Great scent, very warm and perfect for fall. Got tons of compliments and late into the day. Want a whole bottle!
Takes a while
It definitely needs to be on your skin for a minute before it smells like the true perfume
Didn’t like it much at first when i smelled it but it grew on me once I actually wore it.
1st Scentbird
Great pick for my 1st scent. Makes me excited and wanting more scents to try!!
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