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Sue Phillips - Artisan Scents reviews
Ginger note is overpowering
I'm trying to find a spicy blend I like but most of them smell like expired perfume to me. That's how this one smelled in my opinion.
Did not like this
This sent was not my favorite it did not much well at all with my body chemistry!! I will not ever put this on. I'll give it to my grandmother
Once I smelled this fragrance I knew I was gonna love putting it on. If I'm going out and hanging where there could be a lot of folks, that would get noticed! It is definitely a fruity blend. You can smell the blueberry and I never thought I'd want to smell like that until I got this scent. Must have.
Feels Good
I felt confidence wearing this.
Chosen for my bf (but also myself!)
Trying out different scents to figure out what my bf likes for himself, decided on this one first since I like spicy scents on myself and figured that if he didn't like it, maybe I could wear it. It's not too strong, definitely a typical "masculine" scent at first but that note dissipates on me pretty quickly, leaving a blend of spice. Very nice and warm without being sweet or overpowering.
Very sweet
This fragrance is awfully pungent. Honestly on my skin, I didn’t smell very good. I kept smelling like someone that had drank a bunch of alcohol the night before. There’s a chance it was really alcohol that I’d drank the night before, but I’ve never had that happen before and the smell went away once it wore off. It’s hard to say but I may not give it another try.
It’s ok
It did not smell as fresh and fruity as I expected. It was stronger than I expected. It’s ok but not something I am running to wear. I can smell some of the notes mentioned just heavier than I was imagining. It is long lasting though. One spray gave me a headache. Just not the perfect one for me. Might be great for someone else.
Not what expected
Not exactly what I expected when it said it was fruity. It is more of a mature smell, if that makes sense. It was ok, just not for me. I gave it to a friend.
This is the first scent I’ve received and it’s so good that I hope I’m not disappointed in the others. :) It is very delicate and clean, and I’ve never found one as good before. My husband loves it, too—t’s very unusual for us to agree about these things.
Smells like a fruit salad.
The scent is strong and long lasting. It definitely lived up to the description. I saw some reviews saying it smelled like an old lady but I definitely did not get that impression. Its definitely a youthful scent that would smell great for spring.
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