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Storie Veneziane by Valmont reviews
Buying a bottle!
So, I've had Scentbird for 3 years and this is the only the 2nd fragrance that I'm buying a bottle of. Could have sworn there was grapefruit in the mixture because it wakes me up and puts me in a great mood. It's definitely worth a try. Off to to buy a reasonably priced bottle!
it's fab
It was nice
Not nice enough to wear again tho.
Fresh clean scent
Love this scent.
Hated this one. Whole tube wasted. None of my friends even wanted it. Stinky.
Great scent
Similar to the last one but different enough to tell the difference.
Smells fresh and floral
Good for a Date night!
I enjoyed this scent! For me, it was definitely more of a nighttime/date night scent. Not something I would just throw on to run errands. It didn’t last very long on my skin but a friend borrowed it and she said she could still smell it even after she showered! Overall, I was happy with this scent.
It smells fizzy
It actually smells fizzy, theres no other way to describe it. Very light and airy but lasts all day. Love it!
Wouldn’t recommend
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