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Storie Veneziane by Valmont reviews
Smell wasn’t for me
Smell wasn’t for me
Quite musky although musk is not listed in the description
Want something stronger that last all day
Order it on accident
I didn’t realize it was female scent because I didn’t read the details close enough. I just assumed after I completed to scent survey that the only scents available would be male ones. I was wrong. The scent smells fine. But obviously not masculine.
Nice scent
White poppy
I actually did not get to wear this fragrance as a friend wife desired it. So I gave it as a gift 🎁. Afterwards I wanted it for myself.
Not as expected it to be
Dont last long
Golden Girls
There's something about this that reminds of 80s Calgon products. Not a fan.
Smells very nice, fresh, and elegant.
Smelled great
Loved it
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